Jul 2017
Patience Please

Nothing stifles learning or a spirit more than the fear of making mistakes. Even with positive reinforcement training, if dogs are not getting a click/reward, you will see some start doing restless displacement behaviors like shifting or scratching, etc. There will often be looks of desperation in their pleading eyes. At that point, I am so grateful that I was chosen to be the trainer of this precious, sensitive soul. Dr. Lore Haug of the Texas Veterinary Behavior Services, posted a great article from Tamarack Hill Farm on the perspective that we......

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May 2017
Aggressiveness versus Defensiveness

Very few dogs are actually aggressive. Why? It goes back to the foundation of all dog training, which you will hear me say often: Dogs will always continue to do what gives them the greatest benefit. It is not to a dog’s benefit to attack. If a dog were to bite a person or another dog, the chances of it getting hurt in return is high....

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Mar 2017
The Power of Positive Reinforcement

Do you prefer working for a boss who uses bullying/fear of punishment to get you to perform, or a boss who incentivizes you to want to work to your best potential by being a good role model, drafting for you (while patiently guiding/leading), and then rewarding you with benefits and praise as you grow in skill?...

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